Our actions of december

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In December, our commitment to the development of First Nations youth was vigorously pursued through several significant initiatives. Firstly, we had the pleasure of attending the Gala Méritas de Noël at the Kiuna Institute, where the young individuals who had participated in our Décidaction initiative showcased their projects and eloquently presented their ideas to the audience. Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet with young people from the Gespeg community to launch a Décidaction project in their community. This meeting provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and cultivate inspiration, further strengthening our commitment to supporting First Nations youth in achieving their dreams and projects. For more details, please consult our December newsletter.


While this newsletter provides a glimpse into our dynamic ongoing activities, it serves as a testament to our enduring dedication to First Nations youth. Our teams are diligently engaged in a multitude of initiatives, including strategic planning for our 2024 Camps and enriching the Niska program. These efforts aim to forge promising pathways for all First Nations youth in Quebec.