Vocational guidance support



The aim of this initiative is to encourage people to stay in school and to provide them with vocational guidance support. Become offers students extra support tools as well as internships where they can explore stimulating workplaces.


The aim of BECOME is to encourage First Nations high school students to stay in school and to provide vocational guidance support. BECOME looks to the future… It nurtures the development of student’s interest, knowledge, self-confidence, self-esteem, and networking opportunities. Its goal is to help young people grow and push their own limits through meaningful experiences and activities in ways that will sustain them as they beyond high school.


BECOME Worshops

The BECOME workshops are designed to provide support as high-school students move towards their post-secondary studies by helping them explore their own interests and various professions postsecondaires.

Student Toolkit

We’ve developed a number of tools to assist with vocational guidance for high school students (teens or adults).

Personalized and exploratory internships

The internships give Quebec First Nations high school students the opportunity to learn about different trades and professions by visiting workplaces they can explore on their own or with a group of young people from other communities in Quebec.

BECOME Scholarships

Composed of two essential components: the Academic Perseverance Scholarship and the Academic Re-engagement scholarship.


The BECOME Scholarships in partnership with the Desjardins Foundation consist of two essential components: the Academic Persistence Scholarship is for current students aspiring to continue their studies, and the Academic Re-engagement Scholarship is designed for those wishing to resume their educational path. These scholarships aim to provide essential support to Indigenous youth aged 12 to 35 in their educational journey. This dual approach ensures equitable access to support.

Moreover, once the scholarships are launched, there will be no submission deadline, providing continuous opportunities for youth to apply. Applicants can apply via video or in writing to promote equal opportunities and accessibility

and personalized internships

The internships give students the opportunity to learn about trades and professions by visiting various workplaces, which they can explore on their own or with a group of young people from various Quebec communities. The objective of the internships is to help students find their bearings as they make choices about their post-secondary studies, while giving them the opportunity to explore an urban setting.



Journalism, production, and tech careers

BECOME Workshop & First Nations Zone

The BECOME workshops are designed to help high school students explore different professions as well as their personal interests, and in this way to provide support as they deepen their self-knowledge and begin to plan their post-secondary studies. The workshops are opportunities for self-discovery, which will then provide a focus for discussions about their sociovocational futures with mentors they meet through the First Nations Zone. The BECOME workshops fulfill the Personal Orientation Projects (POP) course criteria and use a compatible guidance approach. They are given by youth workers or teachers in high schools or to adults in communities.

The BECOME workshops and First Nations Zone are presented as a turnkey project for youth workers and teachers.


  • I explore my roots, my culture, my history
    Workshop 1
  • I discover my interests
    Workshop 2
  • I cultivate my roots
    Workshop 3
  • I get ready to explore
    Workshop 4
  • I have an experience
    Workshop 5

The First Nations Zone is a virtual mentoring platform that connects First Nations high school students (Secondary 3-4-5) with the working world. It offers young people a safe space to discuss their professional and personal experiences with adults (mentors). 

*For the moment, the zone is in french only*

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