Launch of the BECOME Scholarships


The New Pathways Foundation’s team is pleased to announce the launch of the BECOME Scholarships in partnership with the Desjardins Foundation. These scholarships aim to provide essential support to Indigenous youth aged 12 to 35 in their educational journey. More than just financial aid, these scholarships embody our commitment to social justice by removing obstacles that hinder youth on their path to success.


The BECOME Scholarships consist of two essential components: the Academic Persistence Scholarship is for current students aspiring to continue their studies, and the Academic Re-engagement Scholarship is designed for those wishing to resume their educational path. This dual approach ensures equitable access to support. Moreover, once the scholarships are launched, there will be no submission deadline, providing continuous opportunities for youth to apply. Applicants can apply via video or in writing to promote equal opportunities and accessibility.


In summary, BECOME Scholarships offer:


Support for Indigenous youth in Quebec aged 12 to 35 in their educational journey.


To apply, please note:

Eligibility: Be a member of a First Nation, aged between 12 and 35, and either enrolled in or considering enrollment in an educational program.

Types of Scholarships: Academic Persistence Scholarships (for current motivated students) and Academic Re-engagement Scholarships (for those wishing to resume their studies).

Application Process: Fill out the application form available on our website, which also details the guidelines for video submission.

Evaluation Criteria: Your motivation, commitment, environmental and socio-economic contexts, as well as family support, will be assessed. Personal development and cultural identity are also important evaluation criteria.

Important Dates: Applications open on May 1, 2024, with no submission deadline specified until funds become unavailable.


For more information and to access the application form, click here.

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