Virtual Mentoring – First Nations Zone


The New Pathways Foundation, Academos, and the Myriagone Research Chair have come together to offer and document a new virtual mentoring research project. Our recent respective projects suggest that high school students from First Nations communities would like to have mentoring opportunities, and that new technologies could be an innovative way to provide them with this type of service, particularly during this period of instability caused by the pandemic.

For Whom?

For all First Nations students in Quebec. The first phase of the research project is available to secondary school students.


By being part of the mentor bank of the First Nations Zone, you contribute to: – Maintaining and improving the educational perseverance of young people from First Nations communities; -Participating in initiatives to combat school dropout; – Engaging and supporting young people from First Nations communities in their well-being, development, and growth; – Facilitating access to opportunities to connect with emerging professions; – Becoming a agent of change and inclusion in your workplace by participating in a social innovation research project.


The target date for the project will span from January to June 2021.

Strength in Unity!

The New Pathways Foundation is constantly seeking to expand its offering of initiatives that allow young people from First Nations communities to have positive experiences. Providing a virtual mentoring platform to students aligns well with this objective.

On the other hand, Academos offers a virtual mentoring platform to over 100,000 young people across Quebec, but currently fewer than 12 young people from First Nations communities are enrolled.

Finally, the Myriagone research team has been working with young people from First Nations communities for over 10 years. They will document the research project and collect data on the perceptions of young people in various areas related to the educational field.

We are therefore proposing a social innovation that involves combining the virtual mentoring application from Academos with the mentor bank and young people recruited by the New Pathways Foundation in order to provide these young people with the opportunity to explore professions and participate in a virtual workplace observation internship.