Resounding Success in May in 3 First Nations Communities in Quebec: Ekuanishit, Wendake, and Odanak.

Crédit : Christina Béland-Racine, Kinésiologue, Défi du renard 2023 à Odanak

WENDAKE, QC – The New Pathways Foundation is proud to announce that the Fox Challenge was a great success in three First Nations communities in Quebec. Over 300 medals were awarded to elementary school children in Ekuanishit, Wendake, and Odanak. The general population was also invited to evening races open to everyone, held in Odanak and Wendake. 

The Fox Challenge, which took place in early May, was organized in three First Nations communities to encourage elementary school children to engage in regular physical activity. Participants had the opportunity to take on this fun and challenging challenge while exploring local sites. In addition to promoting physical activity, this event also helped strengthen the sense of community belonging and promote the holistic well-being of young people. The New Pathways Foundation is proud to contribute to the improvement of the health and happiness of young people by supporting events that stimulate their bodies and minds.

“We are very pleased with the success of the event and the active participation of the young people and the community members. We hope that this has encouraged the young people to be more active and proud of their accomplishments. The Fox Challenge is supported by the New Pathways Foundation, but the kinesiologists from the communities organized the event, so the credit really goes to them. Thanks to Élisabeth from Wendake, Alexandra from Ekuanishit, and Christina from Odanak,” said Marie-Claude Cleary, General Manager of the New Pathways Foundation.

There will also be a challenge in June in Uashat mak Mani-Utenam for elementary school students.

The Fox Challenge offered much more than a simple sporting event for First Nations youth in Quebec. It allowed these young people to take on a challenge, thus encouraging pride and a sense of accomplishment while creating intergenerational connections. We thank the communities for their organization and ongoing commitment to the holistic well-being of their youth.

Innovative projects such as camps, vocational training internships, and sports activities are being implemented by the New Pathways Foundation to provide holistic well-being to First Nations youth in Quebec. The Foundation is determined to continue creating unique and positive opportunities to help young people discover their own potential and achieve their dreams.


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