Our actions in November

In November, our commitment to the empowerment of First Nations youth was evident through a significant initiative: the deployment of Become’s internships. This indeed constituted a highlight, mobilizing a significant portion of the team in support and bringing together youth from various communities in Quebec. The experiential internships took place on November 14 and 15, offering unique opportunities for learning and personal growth, reinforcing our mission to accompany First Nations youth on their life path.   

This month was also marked by our participation in the National Gathering for Indigenous Education in Montreal, where we benefited from immersion in new knowledge and exemplary practices in Indigenous education. This experience contributed to broadening our perspective and enhancing our educational programs to better serve First Nations youth.   

Although this bulletin provides an overview of the highlights, it only captures a fraction of the exciting ongoing activities. Our team continues to work diligently on various projects, such as the strategic planning of our 2024 Camps and the redesign of the Niska initiative, consolidating our commitment to First Nations youth and paving the way for an equitable future for all.