A luminous bond of reconciliation: Akua Nature’s Mamu candles benefit the New Pathways Foundation

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Akua Nature, a dedicated Indigenous enterprise, wishes to shine a light on a reconciliation movement by launching a special initiative on the occasion of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. They introduce the Mamu candles, with all sales proceeds benefitting the New Pathways Foundation. The Foundation’s mission, devoted to the well-being of First Nations youth, naturally aligns with this endeavor. Youth represent the future, the hope, and the legacy of residential school survivors. By encouraging businesses to join this cause, Akua Nature offers an opportunity to make a significant contribution to reconciliation. A movement focused on hope will also be attempted by collectively lighting a luminous link on September 30. #Mamu


New Pathways Foundation: Illuminating the future of First Nations youth

The New Pathways Foundation aims to bring positive change to the lives of First Nations youth. It seeks to engage and support First Nations youth by providing positive experiences that contribute to their holistic well-being and offering the necessary guidance to help them build a promising future. By investing in youth, we honor the courage and resilience of survivors and those lost during that time.


Mamu candles: Illuminating the Path of Reconciliation

In collaboration with the New Pathways Foundation, Akua Nature introduces Mamu candles to symbolize the luminous link of reconciliation. These unique candles, carefully crafted by Indigenous women, not only invite meditation and well-being but also convey a powerful message of solidarity towards Indigenous communities. Each time a Mamu candle is lit, it symbolizes an act of respect, understanding, and support for the Indigenous peoples of Canada.


Two sizes:

$29* – 195g

$16* – 85g (Aluminum candle holder)

*Plus taxes.


National Day of Truth and Reconciliation: A moment of unity under the #Mamu hashtag

On September 30, the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, individuals, businesses, and communities will come together to form a luminous link of reconciliation across the country. By lighting Mamu candles, each person will demonstrate their commitment to a better future, marked by respect, truth, and mutual understanding.


Let’s all be committed to Reconciliation through this corporate gift

Akua Nature invites businesses to actively engage in this reconciliation process by purchasing Mamu candles in bulk. This purchase must be made by August 15 to allow for artisanal production and delivery before September 30. By acquiring these candles for your employees, clients, or partners, you demonstrate tangible support for First Nations youth and residential school survivors. Beyond financial contribution, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness among your colleagues about the significance of this cause and encourage dialogue on reconciliation within your organization.


By choosing to participate in this luminous reconciliation movement, Akua Nature and participating businesses are contributing to building a bright future for all, Mamu “Together.” By supporting the New Pathways Foundation through Mamu candles, we honor our past while weaving a solidarity link towards the future. By celebrating the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation on September 30, we collectively express our desire to build a future where hope and understanding guide our path towards genuine reconciliation.


Let’s together light the luminous link of reconciliation by supporting Mamu candles and the New Pathways Foundation!

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