A living history of strength and resilience

In this video, we convey a message of love and appreciation, reminding every child that they are cherished, precious, and hold great importance in their family’s history. The video illustrates how previous generations have overcome challenges, drawing upon various elements, including their culture, to find the necessary strength and resilience to move forward. It encourages children to take pride in their cultural heritage and to draw inspiration from their family’s history to build a future filled with infinite possibilities. This gentle video also aims to enlighten future generations about the difficulties faced by their elders while reminding them that they are loved and valuable. It offers a message of hope and understanding, inviting young people to embrace their own story, their parents, and their grandparents with pride and compassion.

About the production

This collaborative initiative between the Commission of Health and Social Services of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador and the New Pathways Foundation was created with the purpose of raising awareness among children about the history of First Nations and highlighting the significance of National Truth and Reconciliation Day. The video serves as one of the tools distributed in schools within First Nations communities in Quebec. This video was produced by Productions Cina with financial support from Heritage Canada. The narration is provided by Charles Bender, a Wendat artist.