Programs initiated by the Foundation

First Nations leadership camp

We are happy to announce that the New Pathways Foundation, in collaboration with Breakfast Club of Canada is organizing a fourth edition of the First Nations Leadership Camp.

This year, 30 young people aged 10 to 14 years old, coming from First Nations communities will take part in the Leadership Camp. This project aims to recognize young people who have distinguished themselves by their commitment to their peers, their school or community. The Camp will be held from March 15 to 20, 2018 at Base de plein air Bon Départ, in Wentworth-North, in the Laurentians.

Places are limited; only 30 participants, so please send the completed and signed documents to Breakfast Club of Canada First Nations advisor, Serge Rock’s attention, by fax at 1-877- 7863220 or by email before January 29, 2018.
All the necessary documents are downloadable below:

As the first edition took place in 2014, the leadership camp 4th edition will take place in March 2018.

The leadership camp has a six days duration and allows, each year, young First Nations people coming from all over the Quebec, selected on their motivation, to get involved in their communities, to discover new interests thanks to cooperation activities, sports, theatre, team games and cultural activities, etc.

The camp amis to promote self-esteem, the ability to dream and the power to get involved amongst young First Nations people, in order for them to get back to their communities with the strength and courage to act so they reach their dreams and develop the best version of themselves.

Niska - Sports activities supporting program

Niska applications for 2017-2018 are now closed.
Thanks to all of you who answered the call. It clearly shows the huge need of support for sports activities.

Our new sports activities supporting program – Niska - is just born.

One of the New Pathways Foundation orientation is to foster and encourage sports and sports related activities amongst First Nations youth. Hence, we created a sports activities supporting program.

Niska program has two phases:
First phase directly concerns, individuelle, youngs who wish to practice a sport. The Foundation helps them financially regarding registration costs, equipment or transportation needed in order to practice their sport.
Second phase is designed to help a local initiative set by local stakeholders, in order to make youth move from their communities All the information regarding phase 1 and 2 of Niska program is available for download below.

Niska Phase 1

Niska Phase 2

Desjardins scholarships

Our Desjardins/New Pathways Foundation Scholarships Towards a First Diploma program is back for its 3rd edition!
A great opportunity for young students from Québec First Nations Communities to receive a scholarship supporting their high school completion.
All of the information is in the file below:

Application deadline : May 11, 2018.

**NB – In the form, the "Admission Criteria" section, it is indicated: Have the form signed by the management of administrative services.

If the management can not sign the form, any resource person from the educational services could sign it (teacher, guidance counselor, etc.)

Please contact us if you have any question.

Desjardins scholarships are a financial support program dedicated to First Nations teen-agers from secondary grades 1 to 5. Each year, 10 scholarships of a $500 amount each are available, in order to help kids perseverate to get their diploma.
Wether it's by helping getting school material, sport equipment, clothes, this program aims to help teen-agers facing financial difficulties, shall they demonstrate a strong motivation in their school course.


BECOME program is a joint initiative of New Pathways Foundation and Quebec CHU, offering the possibility to make a one-day observation internship in a work environment.
This programs has been developed for First Nations people of a 4th or 5th secondary grade, eager to explore a job they'd like to eventually practice.

As to our 2nd edition, we're proud to announce that one-day internships will take place into the health environment AND ALSO in Radio-Canada studios. This will be a dream-occasion for our young people to experiment and get to know better several jobs related to communication and journalism.

1st edition 2016
Our first édition of our BECOME program, done in Enfant-Jésus hospital was a success.
8 teen-agers from various communities did visit surgery rooms, attend to a surgery, spend time with nurses and so much more.