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Several internships will take place in 2020! Stay tuned, the dates for each professional field will follow in the next few weeks.

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An invitation for all First Nations youth in Quebec who want to learn more about a trade that turns them on.

Completely free: accommodation, transport and meals provided.

3rd edition 2019

The 3rd edition of Become took place from February 12 to 13, 2019, in Montreal. During this edition, 10 First Nations youth from across Quebec had the chance to participate in two days of internships.

The first day took place in collaboration with the Desjardins Foundation and allowed participants to become familiar with the professions related to the field of finance and administration.

For the second day of the internship, the participants were received by Radio-Canada where several activities awaited them, such as the recording of a radio program or the visit of the studios to allow them to discover the trades related to the domain of communication and of journalism.

2nd edition 2017

For the second edition, one-day internships took place in the health sector, as well as in the studios of Radio-Canada. It was a great opportunity for young people to get to know and experience various trades related to communication and journalism.

The communications internship at the Maison de Radio-Canada was held on February 23, 2017 in the big city of Montreal. The hospital internship was held at the CHU de Québec, in the beautiful city of Quebec, and was held in April 2017.

1st edition 2016
Our first édition of our BECOME program, done in Enfant-Jésus hospital was a success.
8 teen-agers from various communities did visit surgery rooms, attend to a surgery, spend time with nurses and so much more.

BECOME program is a joint initiative of New Pathways Foundation and Quebec CHU, offering the possibility to make a one-day observation internship in a work environment.
This programs has been developed for First Nations people of a 4th or 5th secondary grade, eager to explore a job they'd like to eventually practice.

Desjardins scholarships

Desjardins scholarships are a financial support program dedicated to First Nations teen-agers from secondary grades 1 to 5. Each year, 10 scholarships of a $500 amount each are available, in order to help kids perseverate to get their diploma.

Wether it's by helping getting school material, sport equipment, clothes, this program aims to help teen-agers facing financial difficulties, shall they demonstrate a strong motivation in their school course.

Niska - Sports activities supporting program

The registration period for the Niska program is now over.

Niska is back for a 2nd edition

It’s time to sign up for the support of physical and sports activities program offered by the New Pathways Foundation as part of the Niska program. Indeed, for a second year in a row, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to present your sports project for the spring-summer 2019 period.

It is easy to register, you will find enclosed the application form and an explanatory guide of the program:
Application form
Explanatory guide

Register in large numbers before March 15, 2019 !

First Nations leadership camp

The New Pathways Foundation and Breakfast Club organized the 5th and 6th of First Nations leadership camps, held in April and May.

In total, about 60 young people between the ages of 10 and 14 years had the chance to meet at the Base de plein air Bon Départ in Wentworth-Nord (north of Montreal) for six days.

You will find enclosed the press release related to the camps:
Press release

The Foundation plans to hold a 7th Leadership Camp next fall while continuing to provide enriching and memorable experiences for First Nations youth.

The six-day Leadership Camp is open to First Nations youth from across Quebec each year, selected for their motivation to become involved in their community, to discover new interests through cooperation activities, sports, theater, team games, cultural activities, etc.

The camp aims to promote self-esteem, the ability to dream and the power to engage with First Nations youth to return to their communities with the strength and courage to act to achieve their dreams and develop the best version of themselves.