First Nations Leadership Camp


First Nations leadership camp

7th leadership camp

For this edition, a completely NEW LEADERSHIP PROGRAM has been designed to showcase the leadership of each participant, to help them recognize that each person has something positive to offer.

5th and 6th leadership camps

The New Pathways Foundation and Breakfast Club organized the 5th and 6th of First Nations leadership camps, held in April and May.

In total, about 60 young people between the ages of 10 and 14 years had the chance to meet at the Base de plein air Bon Départ in Wentworth-Nord (north of Montreal) for six days.

You will find enclosed the press release related to the camps:
Press release

The Foundation plans to hold a 7th Leadership Camp next fall while continuing to provide enriching and memorable experiences for First Nations youth.

The six-day Leadership Camp is open to First Nations youth from across Quebec each year, selected for their motivation to become involved in their community, to discover new interests through cooperation activities, sports, theater, team games, cultural activities, etc.

The camp aims to promote self-esteem, the ability to dream and the power to engage with First Nations youth to return to their communities with the strength and courage to act to achieve their dreams and develop the best version of themselves.

Videos of the First Nations Leadership Camp :
Arrival at the 2018 Leadership Camp - 5:57
2018 Leadership Camp - 15:39
Charlotte interview - 4:43
Alessia interview - 4:42
Valentin interview - 1:18
Oscar Kistabish interview - 1:42