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How to make a financial support request to New Pathways Foundation?

New Pathways Foundation is proud to support initiatives aiming to promote First Nations culture and well-being

Selection criterias are set up accordingly to our Foundation triennal objectives 2014-2017:

1. Contribute to school students retention
2. Foster sports, leisure and healthy life habits initiatives
3. Dreaming a tailor-made future: (ex : career choices, examples, etc.)

Considering our size, New Pathways Foundation can offer a financial support up to 5000 $.
Submissions are processed every April 15 and November 15 of each year.

For more information please download and read our funding application guide and our funding application form:

One-time projects supported and funded


Mushuau-nipi youth initiatives – 2 500$
Last September 2016, in partnership with Mushuau-nipi corporation, SNAP Québec accompanied five young First Nations and non First Nations people on a series of activities in the tundra.


Camp Wemotaci – 4 000$
During school year, every primary and secondary grades of the community meet up in the forest, in order to to live their culture and experiment their ancestral way of living. Those cultural camps are given by Wemotaci persons in charge and elders. The project «camp kice amiskw » give our students an opportunity to make a journey in the past, live ancestral activities, re-discover their history and reinforce their identity.


Quebec First Nations Friendship day-camp – 4 000$
The QFNFC did offer day camp free of charges to young First Nations children living in the city. Two ages groups (6-9 y.o. and 10-14 y.o.), a total of 24 children enjoyed a six weeks camp (three weeks per category) on summer 2014.

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