The situation

The situation is not a new one. The First Nations are faced with unbearable social problems. At the beginning of the chain, there is poverty, food shortage, disease as well as issues in terms of access to quality education. At the end of this chain, there are the dramatic realities such as violence, alcoholism and gambling. The New Pathways Foundation was set up in order to address the root of the problem.

Our mission

A clear mission: to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life of the First Nations by supporting initiatives that target the human and social development of individuals within their communities.

This is an ambitious goal. We know it's a huge task. We also know that there are urgent problems that need an urgent response, meaning right now. The Foundation will act accordingly to priorities or emergencies.

Our way

The Foundation is collecting funds in order to redistribute them to the organisations that work towards the well-being of the Aboriginal communities.

It will even be able to contribute, when the need arises, to the creation of new services and structuring projects.

Our objectives

To work on the personal and cultural development of our children
To foster locali initiatives for the fight agains poverty
To provide individual assistance to children who are in difficult situations
To continue to develop structuring projects

our triennal orientations

1. To contribute to help school students retention
2. To support sports, leisure and healthy life habits
3. Dreaming a tailor-made future: (ex: career choices, examples, etc.)

Founding members and board of Directors

In addition to its founding members, New Pathways Foundation can count on a solide board of Directors and an office team fully committed to the cause.

Founding members

Office team

Marie-Claude Cleary

Marie Gill-Couture

Administrative assistant

(418) 843-4173

Annual reports

New Pathways Foundation annual reports are available below.