The facts

  • monoparental families percentage44%
  • Women with an income less than 10000$66%
  • Adults dealing with unemployment25%

First Nations childrens' Mortality rate

3 times

higher than allochtonous children

Life expectancy

6 years


Suicide rate is five to seven times higher for First Nation children compared to allochtonous children (Health Canada).
30 %

of people living in a community victims of racism


First Nations homes overcrowded

Our foundation

The situation

The situation is not a new one. The First Nations are faced with unbearable social problems. At the beginning of the chain, there is poverty, food shortage, disease as well as issues in terms of access to quality education. At the end of this chain, there are the dramatic realities such as violence, alcoholism and gambling. The New Pathways Foundation was set up in order to address the root of the problem.

Our mission

A clear mission: to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life of the First Nations by supporting initiatives that target the human and social development of individuals within their communities.

Our way

The Foundation is collecting funds in order to redistribute them to the organisations that work towards the well-being of the Aboriginal communities. It will even be able to contribute, when the need arises, to the creation of new services and structuring projects.

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